GAY Friendly

360monex welcomes you!

360Monex’s commitment to the LGBT community dates back to when the company was first founded in 1997, as GTG (Gay Travel Guide AB). Since then, we have made many contributions to LGBT cause, lent support to anti-bullying efforts, and continue to foster a culture of equality. We understand that LGBT customers, especially couples and families, may have different money transfer needs, so we tailor our products and services to meet your needs.

Frankly speaking the world is more gay-friendly than ever before, but your needs are still unique. Whether you have found a new love abroad and have plans for your civil union or found the ideal retirement investment in paradise, whether you are here as a migrant worker and need to send family aid back home or whether you are paying for bills on behalf of your love ones, when transferring money you should have someone who not only has a lot of experience in the money transfer industry, but a personal history with gay needs and concerns.  With a long resume in the money transfer industry and a keen understanding of the LGBT community, we will guide you to all the options you may have.

Diversity Statement

360monex is more than a money transfer company. We are an international company that brings people together from many different cultures and communities. For us, diversity and inclusion are not just inspirational goals. That is just the way we do business. Our commitment to diversity leadership helps us ensure that customers and communities receive excellent service delivered by dedicated, passionate people.